Sunday, October 13, 2013

''Made in Lab''

So it is been few weeks already since, I completely changed direction in my life and in my professional path :) And that's when enrolled in the Chemical technology and Biotechnology program :) So my hobby and interest in health grew over time and it is about to turn into my profession or at least started working on it to become my profession. What better then having your hobby, your passion - the thing you are mostly interested in, and your work intertwine! :) Then your whole life becomes much easier and happier doing what you most like doing :)
There is a lot of lab work involved, well it is based on lab work mostly and I love every second of it! We do a lot of experiments in the chemistry lab and in the microbiology lab and here are just some pictures that I took ''when I had some extra time'' :)

Here I was doing a standardization of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) - strong base, with potassium hydrogen phthalate - weak acid, and phenolphthalein indicator that turned the color into pinkish when  both chemicals reached the neutralization point. I would say it was maybe over-titrated  a bit with just ''half a drop'' :)

In the Chemi Lab
 Here is the part when we mixed calcium chloride and sodium carbonate to synthesize our own calcium carbonate in lab conditions.
In the Chemi Lab
This here was actually my very first experiment in microbiology lab ever! :) I was counting the number of living microorganisms in Baking Yeast. And I found out that there is 5x109 microbes (5 000 000 000)in 1g of baking yeast. That is a lot :)
In the Microbiology Lab
In the Microbiology Lab

So this means one thing for my blog, my posts in relation to health and chemistry will become more credible. And though I will be quite busy,  I will try to post some interesting results from my own experiments and keep the blog running. xx 

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