Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bella Italia!

This is THE country! To allow oneself to get spoiled with sun and food including everything- pizza, pasta, tiramisu, Italian ice-cream! Mamma mia! got a nicely rounded belly to take home with me. I wasn't too much afraid, when sightseeing people usually walk a lot and burn easily all those calories :) And when I travel I eat a lot.Well, got also some healthy food while in Italy... just for the balance :)
So this year I decided to spend the Easter holidays in Italy. That was partly a bad choice, since it was overcrowded with tourists.....but still charming. I visited 3 wonderful cities! Milano,Verona, Venezia!
Let's look at some typical Italian food of my choice.

Of course! But why pizza got so much my attention? The way it is made. I have tried many wonderful pizzas with lots different ingredients and exotic stuff in different corners of the world. So I always thought Italian pizza will be something very special even better. The truth is that Italians make the pizza very simple and very thin. The dough is very very thin and it usually consists of 3 main ingredients: tomato, mozzarella and one special ingredient. That's how true pizza is made! :) So at the end it turns out healthy! :)

Freshly squeezed juice
Italia has plenty of sun and lots of fruits are growing and blossoming! :) Naturally they have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which is perfect to get a cup of healthy freshly squeezed juice :) I found one juice shop the JuiceBar on Milano Centrale, which I loved.

I am very very very picky on Tiramisu. Knowing what the original recipe is and how it is made, I was expecting to see plenty of originals in Italy! To tell the truth, I didn't. There is a lot of fake stuff just like all around the world, so in Italy. It turned out hard to find a cafe/restaurant where they make the original dessert, after 4 different Tiramisus I tried. Tiramisu is very fluffy and is made of Lady Fingers as a base, Mascarpone, coffee, Amaretto Disaronno liquor,cream and cacao. The liquor is expensive and that would naturally make it a rather expensive dessert. To safe on production cost many places seem to make it more simple using: normal base, a bit of mascarpone with cream or maybe without mascarpone, coffee and cacao. And still it is expensive. Amaretto is mostly missing, as I did not feel that sweet bitter taste of alcohol. One place I found where their Tiramisu was the closest to the Tiramisu as it should be. That was bar Duomo, near the Duomo of course :) It seemed to have all a Tiramisu needs and perhaps a bit of Amaretto, just a bit :) Look on the photo.
So let us not fall into trap of the marketing efforts and just because we are in Italy, doesn't mean we have eaten original Tiramisu.

On tips of what to do, where to go and what to try in Italy, especially Milano, you can check up Greetings from Europe blog.

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