Friday, March 8, 2013

Health Festival

Last weekend I paid a visit to the health festival in the Scandinavian Center in Aarhus. Imagine the pleasure of  trying, tasting and eating a bunch of great things. Apart from that, got updated with some news and innovations in the health front, some old, some new, but always good to know more about our body and health. Although it was all very amazing with tons of useful stuff, I am just posting my highlights of the event. 

I tasted and bought a big box of fibres from psyllium husks. Psyllium husks are seeds from a plant. They are rich in fibers. If we lack daily intake of fibers from out food, we could take some through the psyllium husks. They dehydrate, so it is necessary to take them with a fair amount of water like 1 full tea cup. The daily doze is not more than one tea spoon. Their continuous consumption is said to have some risks, which I am not yet perfectly aware of. But trying some once in a while won't hurt, I suppose.  

Seabuckthorn, if you haven't heard of it before, is a a plant with berries in orange color. I am a huge fan of it. It is very common to eat them in a juice form in Finland. They contain very high amount of vitamin C and the taste is a bit acid, but very refreshing. Was happy to find some juice and cosmetics from seabuckthorn in the festival. So far I thought seabuckthorn grows in Finland, but apparently in other places too. This one originates from Latvia. 

Organic shampoo
I am completely crazy on cosmetics and shampoos! Ever since I found out organic shampoos I do not put anything else on my otherwise awesome hair! I used to have problem with hair fall. Everytime I brushed or sweeped fingers through the hair, a big bunch of hair went into my hands. I started thinking I am sick. Later I found out it was from the shampoo I was using. I did some research on the chemical ingredients and found how unfriendly they were. I used to use a lot the L'Oreal shampoos. Now I am not boycotting the brand. But that is my experience and that is what happened.  After I switched the brands my hair fall decreased with more then 50-70%. Isn't that a good reason already to be sure it was from the shampoo? 1,5 year ago I started using the Danish organic brand Urtekram and have been using it ever since. Later I also learned about Juhldal organic shampoos that my former roommate was using, so now I decided to finally switch the brands and try a bit of Juhldal. Those organic shampoos have more natural ingredients and less bad chemicals. You notice that because of the lack of foam which certain chemical produces in the ordinary shampoos. Organic shampoos are more expensive but it is well worth the price. Value for money! :)

Breast cancer
Useful info about Breast cancer to refresh our memory. Last year I went to mammography for a breast control test. It was my first time. Normally women over 50 need more regular checks for breast tumors. When we are younger it is recommended to check it ourselves first and if we notice something suspicious we should visit the doc. Subsequently the doc explained me and showed how to check the boobies ourselves. A first visit to the mammography is beneficial. 

Of course, garlic! The amazing garlic that kills viruses and vampires. We won't be worried for smelling afterwards, since here it is offered in capsules to drink with water. Dried and pressed, locked in capsules like Omega 3 capsules. Though a very good idea and solution against the smelly taste afterwards, I still prefer the real garlic. Besides I am not quite sure how healthy the capsules intake can be, since the Omega 3 capsules are found to be not very good for daily intake.
However the cough syrup made of garlic was excellent! 

Aura photo
For ages I have been wanting to take an aura picture and been looking where and how but in vain. Finally it came to me. The special camera had arrived in the festival. Aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds us and that we project. Different people have different auras. Aura can be depicted in colors depending on the type of energy we posses. And each colors has a deep meaning. Some people can see the auras but most of us cannot really. There is a special machine that is able to catch our aura colors. It detects our energy field through our hands and depicts it in colors. The colors we can see depend on the stage of life we are at the moment. After we see our aura we can see what we could do in relation to our development. I was in a ''waw''. How indeed the color of aura reflects our personality! 

Eat, eat, eat and eat !!! :) :) :) 

Health training glasses (Helsebrillen) 
Something new that I did not know about before. Special training glasses to heal the eye-sight. Since I am very short-sighted, that sounded  quite attractive to me. The glasses are completely plain made of plastic only with some very very tiny holes inside. They work on a very interesting principle. To see through them we have to focus our eyes and train out eye muscles. I was so happy to see that I see through them without any power lenses!! Yes, yes, yes! Uahaha! :) :) :) To have an effect it is necessary to carry them 10-15 min. a day. However they cannot replace normal sun or eye glasses and we cannot use them in real-life situations like we use other glasses. And for people with too big power they might not turn out effective. It is good to consult with our eye-doctor about our eye-sight before starting using them. 

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