Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-influenza (2 weeks later)

An unusual thing happened to me on Friday. About 2 weeks after I finally recovered from the flu, here I am sick again with an inflammation in my throat...... called Laryngitis. Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, which is situated in the throat. It is a condition when temporary hoarseness or a  loss of the voice occurs. Basically either the voice changes or it completely disappears at some point, because the larynx, where the vocal cords are, is infected.
My laryngitis might be most probably caused due to my recent  influenza virus. Even if cured from the flu, we still keep on carrying the virus for a little while. So in the few weeks after flu recovery, our organism is still vulnerable and we still need to be careful not to get sick again.
I had not any other symtomps present, then hoarsness of the voice, complete loss of it on the 3rd day, sore throat, and runny noise.

So here I am sharing my super simple and nice ''formula'' for self-care of laryngitis! :) We will see in few days if things get better.

Lots of hot drinks:
  • hot Chamomile tea 
  • hot soups
  • hot chocolate! :))) (yummy!)

Some medications:
  • panadol hot (Paracetamol) - once or twice a day
  • ibuprofen, 600mg, 2 times a day 
  • vitamin C, 500mg a day

And add the following:
  • honey :) Great if you have or can find home-made honey! It is much better then the commercially made and the taste is completly defferent! :)
  • inhalation of hot water in a pot over the hot plates
  • no speaking and resting of the voice, as usually recommended to speed up the recovery

Like always if things don't get better with self-care within a week, it is better to call our GP who might refer us to Ear-Nose-Throat specialist, since a deeper infection and more complications might be present.

So take care and good luck not to catch a cold or an infection.
The wave of influenza will be still on  throughout February!! Especially in the winter geographical regions. 

To read more about Laryngitis:
Laryngitis - National Health Service (NHS) UK
Laryngitis - Mayo Clinic 

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