Friday, October 31, 2014


After almost 4 weeks of my low-carb, high protein diet I am happy to see the numbers on my scale -59.8! 4kg down....yey! :) And I am fine, i.e. I did not collapse from over starving....

Now the next goal is to maintain this kilograms by keeping the diet but feeding myself normally every other day. Then in 1 month do a second round of the diet and go 3 more down. Let's see if it happens.

Meanwhile when following the diet, just remember how important the exercises are. I got in my schedule running with my new NIKE pinkies, abdomen exercise and horse-back riding with Pyreus :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fifty Shades

After like few months of break I decided to return. The past few months have been quite a Fifty Shades up and down and of course with my rainbow summer holiday. I visited 6 countries and had 14 flights in total. And even after that my fear of flights still did not evaporate. But that's a whole different story.
I started feeling bad I forgot my dear blog. So here I am back writing my first post in almost 8 months of break. After my colorful summer holiday I found out with disaster that I had gained some kilos! That must have been due to the all the sweets and chocolate I tried every place I visited. You just cannot resist those! And there was the results - 3-4 kilos on top!
So I started a strict feeding schedule. My friend had a personal schedule made  for her by a bodybuilder. Something that's not in the books and magazines - oh, I like this kind of things. I gave it a try.

It is a low-calories, high protein, low-carbohydrate and low fat schedule and goes like this:

A bit of musli with 0.5% fat milk ( max 1.5%). (I use 0.1%)

Lunch (few options)
150g chicken, + green salad (could be also broccoli, rucola, iceberg salad, anything green) + one loaf of rye bread. (As I do not eat meat I skip the chicken option).


3 boiled eggs and some green salad all mixed up together


1 tuna fish can and some green salad all mixed together + 1 loaf of rye bread


A greek type of salad with cucambers and tomatos as many as wanted+ 100g of feta cheese + 50g corn

Same options like in lunch but without bread.

Snack meals
30g nuts (e.g. almonds or peanuts, but almonds is better)


250g Skyr


1  musli bar (but rarely, one every 3-4 days)

About 2 fruits per day - e.g. 1 banana + 1 apple taken between meals or with the meal.

Focus on low-calories vegetables cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, green salads, iceberg salad, rocket, spinach.

Carrots can be eaten as many as we want during anytime of the day.

Back chocolate (70% or above) can be eaten every few days.

The schedule says chciken or tuna fish as those are low in fats. I replace the chicken with tuna but I bring in salmon fish once in a while instead.

And this should be followed about 1-2 months for loosing 3kg. I ve been following it for 2 weeks already and I feel quite good.
The feeding schedule should be backed up with some sports and cardio, like jogging, cycling, etc. I bought a whole new Nike running outfit and amaaaaazing pink Nike dual fusion running shoes! Fifty Shades of Pink all ready for jogging!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy feet

Sometime ago, I wrote a post about how important good shoes get a good arch support and avoid pain and complications. Some people might have too low ....or too high arch... and that causes pain and might get worse if shoes are not good enough. 

So here is my new acquired pair of shoes from Ecco, anti-shock, made by receptor technology....They are so light ...and fit so well to my feet....''like a condom''!  It does not feel like walking but floating....! Since the long hours of standing up in lab....I realize the need of good shoes more then before! My feet indeed started getting pain at the end of the day....

I was wondering between the different types of shoes Ecco does - Biom or ...  Receptor, since the design of the Biom is better...At the end my choice fell on Receptor, since they had long years of use already. Whether the Biom is been on for 2-3 years.....  Also Receptor fits better to my feet, which was the most important at the end.  Happy feet! 

You can also see them here!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve apetizer

My New Year's Eve appetizer - 'Gr├Žsgris' in Danish or Grass pork. I usually do not like and do not eat pork and porky dishes....but I was quite tempted by the idea of this dish. It was organic pork fed on grass!
It  was decorated with red beet (yummm) and some cream. I was not mistaken, it was delicious!

I wish Happy New 2014! May this new year be more health-conscious for you